My Favorite Budgeting Tool

Do you ever get to the end of the month and wonder where your money went? It’s time to be the boss of your money.

Most of us can agree when we think of a budget we cringe. According to Brad Klontz, a psychologist and certified financial planner. “Your emotional brain responds to the word budget the same way it responds to the word diet. The connotation is deprivation, suffering, agony, depression.” 

It is time to change our perception on the word budget. A budget gives you freedom because you are being intentional about where your money is going.

The quickest way to do a budget is with this neat free online tool from Dave Ramsey called EveryDollar

With EveryDollar you can map out where every dollar of your paycheck is going that way you can be in charge of your money. This allows you to take a look at all the money coming in and deciding where you prefer the money to go without overspending and feeling guilty.

Make it a candle lit date night! My husband and I have a date night every Thursday night. On the last Thursday of the month our date night includes budgeting. We look at the next month and discuss what is coming up that we need to budget for. Do some dreaming here to make it more exciting. What can you budget for next month that  both of you can look forward to? Cross something off of your bucket list that you created together during a date night? Try a new restaurant? Or go on a weekend getaway?

Don’t forget to check out Dave Ramsey’s book Total Money Makeover

By creating a budget, you too can win at life and with money!