You Are Why We Do What We Do

How you helped UnCorked Soy Candles become a reality

We are thrilled that women who use our candles, know they are getting an authentic UnCorked Soy Candle worthy of a time of relaxation.

-Melissa Piepho
UnCorked Soy Candles CEO

I’m a wife to the most helpful, goofy, loving, and handsome husband in the world, a fur mom to a 50 pound black lab who thinks he is a lap dog, a certified pharmacy technician constantly learning something new every day, and a candle designer with huge dreams (one of which is coming soon, zazafia.com).

Every morning you can find me journaling my gratitude, dreams, and goals while sipping coffee. My favorite coffee concoction consisting of ingredients that help energize me and decrease the amount of hair that falls out in the shower. Thank goodness!

By evening you will find me under blankets and enjoying a book on self-help, business, or an occasional romantic novel and a glass of red wine because we all know red wine has more complex flavors, am I right?

What warms me up like a cup of coffee next to a fireplace?

Creating candles for women who are in need of some relaxation time. We all have been there; between working a full time job, finding time to connect with friends, keeping the spark alive between yourself and your husband, juggling your kids schedule, and doing everyday chores, it is important to find some time for ourselves to recharge. If I can help your mind ease with the scents of my candles… then I will consider my job done.

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